Kotsukappara Execution Grounds

Kozukappara sign


Kotsukappara graves

Kotsukappara graves

If you’re ever in the area of Minami-Senju station, you might want to stop by this spooky little graveyard and site of a notorious execution ground. It’s nestled between the train tracks just a minute or two from the station, and even today maintains an eerie atmosphere.
There were between 100,000 and 200,000 people executed here and it was once the size of a football field. Most of the bodies were just covered in sand instead of being properly buried, so that birds and animals would be able to pick at their remains. The Buddha statue in the photo is called the “Kubikiri Jizo” or “Neck chop Jizo.”
For more information and instructions on getting there, visit Quirky Japan.
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    […] Entsu-ji probably isn’t worth a special trip, but you might want to combine it with a visit to the Yoshiwara former red-light district or the Kotsukappara Execution Grounds. […]

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