Finger-sucking performance

Akihabara Poser

Lately the Akihabara district has been turning into a venue for costume players and odd street performers. This guy’s act consists of sucking his finger.web analytics


3 Responses to “Finger-sucking performance”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Hello, I think that this guy is in fact cosplaying “L” from Death Note… The posture, make-up, hair-dressing and shirt are really adequate, you don’t see how he’s “sitting” but I can guess is in fact not sitting properly, but squat down, as does one of the heroes in this popular anime…

  2. Karol Says:

    This guy is in fact Costume-Playing a rather well known character named ‘L’ from Manga ‘Death Note’.

    L has a rather odd characteristics, such as only eating sweets, cakes, and sugar. He sucks on his thumb or finger regularly and has a habit of squatting in a crouched manner in a seat and tends to curl his toes a lot. He is also an insanely good Detective. Go figure of character portrayal. After all, all geniuses are insane. :)

  3. RockDove Says:

    It’s L from “Death Note”.

    He’s a very popular character, and his simple outfit makes him easy to cosplay. ^^;

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