Tokyo Detention Center

Tokyo Detention Center

This is the Tokyo Detention Center near my home in Katsushika-ku. The building always reminds me of the Immigration Bureau in Shinagawa. Click here to read an interesting account of a foreigner’s experience here, or visit this National Police Agency page with photos of the inside.web analytics


3 Responses to “Tokyo Detention Center”

  1. Tysong Says:

    Hey, I recently just spent time in Shinagawa detention center. Funnily enough this picture brings back strangely fond memories hahaha who would have thought? I was in there for three months before being deported back to Australia but during my time there I made amazing friends from all around the world, some who in my time were granted visas and returned to society and others who left to go back to their home countries. Also the guards were so funny and nice to us!

  2. Chris Says:

    I recently spent 3 months at the Tokyo Detention Center. This place is horrible. I am an American and was in a single cell for 3 months with no contact from anyone, not allowed to talk or interact with other inmates, and was yelled at by the guards when I didn’t do what I was commanded to do (in Japanese) – I don’t speak or understand Japanese. I was found not guilty. The justice system in Japan in a joke. I was interrogated the first 23 days by a douche at Nogata police station – I plan to go back to Japan and exact my revenge on him in 2015.

    I left Japan. We should drop another nuke on Japan, this time on Tokyo. Kaboom!!!!! Japan is a horrible country and what they think is discipline is nothing more than an unwillingness to change and will be their demise as they lose (have lost) their competitive edge and try to support an aging population.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I was in the Tokyo Detention Center (pictured) for 3 months for importing 13 grams of marijuana into Japan. I am an American and was given a suspended 2 year sentence and released. It’s a pretty messed up place to be held, very isolating especially for someone who doesn’t speak Japanese. The Japanese justice system is completely broken.

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