Bonsai in Showa Kinen Koen

Bonsai plant in Showa Kinen Koen. Many of the plants in this lovely little bonsai garden are hundreds of years old and some are equisitely beautiful. There are also huge fields of flowers, a Japanese garden, and an incredible children’s playground. The children’s playground has giant, climbable dragon sculptures, rubber mountains for bouncing on, a water park, unicycle training area, and a “sea of mist”. The best time to see the flowers is late-April to early-May, but the park is enjoyable any time. It’s on the Chuo Line about 30 minutes from Shinjuku. Click here for the park’s website.web analytics


5 Responses to “Bonsai in Showa Kinen Koen”

  1. Growing Bonsai Trees Says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful jewel with us.
    I wish to be there some day.

  2. Bonsai Techniques Says:

    Wow!!! It’s amazing post. Thank you for publishing great post and I have added this post in my favorite post, Thank you for sharing all the information.

  3. bahçe Says:

    OOO ! Thank you…

  4. davetiye Says:

    bonsai very beautyfull tree. thank you very much. good post.

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