Sumo Mismatch

The bouts in this children’s sumo tournament were all decided by age rather than weight or ability, leading to some big mismatches. It was part of the Tachikawa festival, which is held on the fourth weekend in August. The sumo tournament is held on Saturday and there are mikoshi (portable shrines) on both days.web analytics

Konseishin, the Penis God

Included with the admission fee to Izu Gokurakuen (Paradise Park) in Izu is a small sex museum. The museum was made by a family that claims their devotion to Buddhism made them want to share their vision of the afterlife with everyone, so why they included this sex museum is a bit of a mystery.

This statue is of Konseishin (a.k.a. Konsei Daimyoujin and Konseisama), an phallic god who is believed to bring fertility, cure sexual problems, and bring general prosperity. The sign says, “If you chant Nanmu Konsei Diamyoujin, rub the penis three times and ring the bell (it’s hanging from his penis) you will get the increase your sexual power and improve your financial fortunes.

By the way, I found an interesting master’s thesis written in English on Japanese sex gods while researching Konseijin. The URL is: analytics

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