Love Hotels: Inside Japan’s Sexual Playgrounds

love-hotel-coverI’m pleased to announce that my book, Love Hotels: Inside Japan’s Sexual Playgrounds, is finally for sale. I spent years visiting love hotels around Japan, interviewing love hotel designers, owners and staff, and wading through Japanese books on sex and love hotels to bring you this book.

It’s 182 pages of information about love hotels – their history, the people who design and operate them, their place in Japanese society, crime, and much, much more. There’s also a love hotel guide with information on how to get to the best hotels in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Yokohama, Sapporo, and Fukuoka.

For more information about love hotels, please visit my newly updated love hotel page at:

To order or find out more about the book, please visit: There’s also a smaller guidebook, with just the hotel information for just 500 yen:

Here’s a little excerpt from the history chapter about the history of love hotel beds and mirrors:

Microsoft Word - lovehotels

Microsoft Word - lovehotels

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3 Responses to “Love Hotels: Inside Japan’s Sexual Playgrounds”

  1. Juliet Kinsman Says:

    Most entertaining! I’m going to get a copy… At Mr & Mrs Smith we recommend the hotels but leave the actual ‘love’ part more to the imagination. As soon as we launch our Japan hotel collection we’ll have to write something about this on our Blog:

  2. Beatrice Says:

    Hi, I’ve been a fan of your blog since your Quirky Japan Homepage days. I’ll like to congratulate you on your new book, may your effort and hardwork pay off.
    Cheers From Singapore!

  3. jake Says:

    Hi Ed
    Just downloaded it from lulu and will get a review up as soon as I finish reading it.

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