Edible Dragon Sculpture


Every four years, Osaka is home to the International Festival Utage (Shokurankai in Japanese). It sounded pretty interesting – foods from around the world, cake making contests, and tons of free samples. Unfortunately, it was so crowded that you had to line up for about an hour to get anything to eat, and sometimes there were so many people it was hard to move. It’s also really expensive – 2000 yen per person. The only interesting thing in the whole exhibition was the edible sculptures. I think this one is made of sugar.  The exhibition is being held again this year in April, but I can’t say as I really recommend it: http://www.shokuhaku.gr.jp/en/index.html


2 Responses to “Edible Dragon Sculpture”

  1. Roger Says:

    Very nice looking dragon. tasty

  2. davetiye Says:

    çok güzel bir fotoğraf teşekkürler

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