Odd Scenes From the 2009 Tokyo Marathon (Part 1)

The 2009 Tokyo Marathon took place last Sunday, March 22, 2009. I’ve never seen a marathon before, and I have to say that it was really entertaining and of course, completely different from watching the professional runners on TV.
It’s quite amazing to see hundreds of people rushing by you every minute. I heard that 27,000 people entered the marathon this year, and I figure I must have seen about 20,000 of them rushing by me. If you ever want to get a real feel for what a big number like 27,000 means, the Tokyo Marathon is a good way to really understand just how many it is, and get a feel for just how many different kinds of people there living in Tokyo.








This is a namahage.






4 Responses to “Odd Scenes From the 2009 Tokyo Marathon (Part 1)”

  1. Jackson Bliss Says:

    Fantastic. I laughed out loud at the business man + pooh. すごい。

  2. Foxy Digest: Cosplay, Rockets, Maps « Kitsune’s Thoughts Says:

    […] Tokyo Marathon Cosplay (Quirky Japan Blog) […]

  3. SaiyaGin Says:

    Oh, my… Really,really weird! But really funny! :D

  4. davetiye Says:

    wonderful costumes. had so much fun

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