Odd Scenes From the Tokyo Marathon (Part 2)

I quite enjoyed the costumes in the Tokyo Marathon, but I couldn’t help wondering if there isn’t something a little passive-aggressive about them. On the one hand, people wearing costumes are saying, “Hey, look. I’m just out here having fun in my costume. I don’t take this seriously.” But on the other hand, if I was out running my heart out in a marathon I trained six months for and some guy dressed up as Doraemon ran past me, I don’t imagine I’d feel too good about it.








This is a karakasa, or umbrella monster.



Ninomiya Kinjiro, a famous historical figure who got his education by reading books while carrying firewood.




Have you ever seen a head as big as this?


3 Responses to “Odd Scenes From the Tokyo Marathon (Part 2)”

  1. billydec Says:

    do these people take themselves seriously? I love it.

  2. kadhine Says:

    I love the Cello!!

  3. Little Scarf Girl Says:

    I just wanted to say that I really am enjoying your blog! :) As a student of the Japanese language and culture, I find all of these quirky Japanese findings on your blog quite interesting.

    As for the race, maybe you’re not supposed to take it too seriously? With all the costumes, I don’t know how you could!

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