Japanese Superhero at the Riverside

These guys were filming something, and they were wearing these amazing costumes and had all the poses and action scenes down perfectly, but they just had a tiny amateur video camera and the director was one of the actors. As far as I could tell, their hobby was going to the park every weekend and making superhero videos. The only other thing I can figure is that they were making a promotional video for a themepark, because there was a photographer with a pretty good camera taking stills of the action as well.

Does anyone recognize this superhero?













4 Responses to “Japanese Superhero at the Riverside”

  1. Nick Ramsay Says:

    Looks a bit like “Shinkenja”, but not quite as snazzy.

  2. Savage Japan Says:

    The fourth photo with the red guy in front of blue sky/clouds is really outstanding. Several of these are strong images.

    Even though they had a photographer there, I imagine they would love to get copies of these pics, if you ever see them again.

  3. Joyce Says:

    This is why I love Japan! Random craziness!

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