What is a “Jesus Body?”


There are already a lot of blogs and websites devoted to Engrish, and I think there are enough of them already, so I don’t want to make this kind of post a regular thing, but I’m more than a little curious about what a “Jesus body” might be. The product is a diet supplement and its spokesperson is Kaori Manabe, a television personality and gravure idol. Here’s what a “Jesus body” looks like:


These are my theories about what a “Jesus body” might be:

1. An emaciated body like Jesus after his 40 day and night “diet” in the wilderness?
2. A body that makes you say “Sweet Jesus!” when you see it?
3. Something about stigmata?
4. A reference to the Eucharist. Maybe the diet pills are in a wafer form, representing the “body of Jesus”?
5. A perfect body.

Got an idea or explanation? Leave it in the comments, please.

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8 Responses to “What is a “Jesus Body?””

  1. Brian Says:

    Not sure, but I see a mention of a ブログ on the advert. Is this some sort of Jesus blog?

  2. Rin Says:

    God-like (goddesses-like) body?

  3. toonleap Says:

    Probably it is a “Celestial” Body or something…beats me.

  4. billywest Says:

    #2 is the closest, I think.

    A few years ago, the Acom spokesgirl famous for her flat stomach and big bust used to do this gag where she’d go to various places wearing a fur coat and when everyone was looking, she’d drop it revealing a near-perfect body in a bikini, and then she’d shout “Jesus Christ!” in English. Don’t know what was funny about it, but it got a lot of laughs from the other tarento on the set. Anyway, from there, the beautiful body/Jesus-thing seemed to stick around.

  5. freedomwv Says:

    Well, as of late I have heard the J-staff in my company say `Jesus!` then they hear or see something really amazing. Maybe is the current English expression trend or something.

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