Tokyo Damage Report Blog

Tokyo Damage Report has been around for years, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the best Japan-related sites ever. It’s not pretty sometimes, so if you’re looking for beautiful site design or polite, objective coverage of Japan, you’d best surf on to somewhere else. But if you want to get deep, deep, deep into Tokyo’s subcultures (the punk scene, street kid interviews, cat fights, a Unit 731 walking tour of Okubo), learn some really filthy Japanese, or get a laugh from his rants, I can’t recommend it too much. You might not agree with him, but his ideas are always thought-provoking.
A while back he did a post where he rated Japan-related blogs, and one of his categories was “got off ass.” That’s probably the thing I look for most in a blog, and TDR certainly does it. You’ll never believe the places he gets to and the stuff he

Here are some classic posts to get you started:
TDR’s Dictionary of Awkward Japanese:
April Fool’s Engrish (check out the grave!):
TDR Reviews the Most Popular Foreigner-in-Japan Blogs:
Kanji Kontradiction Korner Part 2:


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