Oni Slide


Here’s another incredibly cool Japanese playground. This monster is called an oni.
Here’s where it is on Google Maps: http://www.google.co.jp/maps/mm?ie=UTF8&hl=ja&ll=35.813544,139.764783&spn=0,359.997801&z=19&layer=c&cbll=35.813777,139.764757&panoid=13Q6uzCeS96H01eKeXwsPQ&cbp=12,174.76,,0,5

There are pics of some other really cool playgrounds in the following posts:


5 Responses to “Oni Slide”

  1. mike Says:

    I like him! I never been on a slide like that when I was young. Very fun though.

  2. Kytes Says:

    Heh~ I’m not sure If I’d like my kids sliding down the tongue of one of Japans most well known and notorious demons!

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  4. DJ Says:

    My kid would love this but a bit of a hike outside of Tokyo but dueable:)

    Thanks for the info.

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