Fortune Vending Machine


Japan is known for it’s vending machines, and you can buy anything from soft drinks to rice to video games to porn in them. The vending machine in this photo sells omikuji, little papers with a fortune written on them. It’s in the beautiful Narita-san temple near Narita Airport.


3 Responses to “Fortune Vending Machine”

  1. Mike Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I wonder how many people will actually give it a try…

    What I admire about Japan and their vending machines is that everyone respects them like things should be, but of course they always work. I guess they go hand in hand!

  2. vending Says:

    I also admire that Japan has great stock of vending machines. It offers all things from candy to electric car chargers.

  3. 10 Things You Can Buy From Vending Machine in Japan | WAttention Singapore blog Says:

    […] Only in Narita-san Temple can you get your fortune (called “omikuji” in Japan) dispensed out. Photo Source […]

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