Almost Beautiful: The Shin-kiba Industrial Zone

I find myself quite fascinated with the area around Tokyo Bay these days. It’s pretty incredible to look at it from Google Earth and see the amazing industrial development around it.

This is Shin-Kiba. ”Kiba” means “lumber yard” and “shin” means “new.” There’s another station nearby called Kiba, which was the original lumber yard, but when land was reclaimed from the bay, it ended up in central Tokyo. A new lumber yard was built here and called “Shin-kiba.”
Sometimes the factories can be almost beautiful.






shinkiba12 copy


One Response to “Almost Beautiful: The Shin-kiba Industrial Zone”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I stumbled upon this blog randomly and I’m loving it.

    The thingies underneath the Nikkyo building sort of look like big cats– cute! And the black and yellow spider is amazing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

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