The Green Tokyo Gundam Project

Tokyo’s giant Gundam is currently attracting millions of visitors who come to see the giant steel robot rising up over Shiokaze Koen in Odaiba. It’s official name is the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, and it’s part of a plan to promote Tokyo’s campaign for the 2016 Olympics – they’re trying to make things greener and more environmentally friendly for the games. It’s easy to be cynical about using a giant steel robot to promote the environment, and how there’s nothing really “green” about the souvenir shops and the way it’s set up. When you go there, there are no environmental messages or other things you’d expect from “green Tokyo” campaign. The Tokyo Olympic committee is working with a for-profit company, Bandai, helping them to promote their products in Tokyo’s bid to host the games so that the city can get prestige and the economic stimulus that comes with being a host city.
But maybe this is the future of environmentalism. They’re going to use the money raised from selling souvenirs to plant trees and put lawns in school grounds. If people come and see the Gundam and have a good time, do they need to learn about the environment? If they are encouraged to consume, to buy gundam models and souvenir booklets, as long as the money is going to the environment, you can argue that it’s doing more good than harm. And a green Olympics is better than a polluting one, even if the organizers are doing it as part of their promotion strategy, right? I guess I can’t really convince myself completely, but it is something to think about.





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24 Responses to “The Green Tokyo Gundam Project”

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  2. Aravind Says:

    this is really amazing… i liked the concept..

  3. dean Says:

    0_o thats amazing!

  4. -J.M. Williams Says:

    Interesting post, you know I enjoyed your blog look forward to future post


  5. E. Michael Martin Says:

    The Japanese culture’s dedication to fiction is always astounding to me. It is not a fringe group, as it is in the West, but a very healthy and large portion of the population that dedicates its time to these fictional characters, or to legends from ages past.

  6. Locksley McPherson Jnr Says:

    How big is it? It’s hard to see what it’s like compared to other objects around etc.. (At the time of writing this, the third picture would not load..)

  7. Cello Says:

    This is amazing, in fact your whole blog is amazing, great news site! I review asian films on my blog, would be honored to be on the blogroll someday :)

  8. eumoscow Says:

    That’s just awesome!

  9. noahshenk Says:

    Only in japan…

  10. Kenneth Says:

    Amazing! I watched Gundam cartoon during my teen.. Would this be displayed permanent somewhere after this event?

  11. psychostudio Says:

    after this there will be a lot of robots over japan…

  12. didta Says:

    sugoi!!! amazing man 0.0

  13. Thomas Odzyskiwanie Danych Says:

    I love those Japanese giant robots, their modern culture is based on such creativity and incredible ideas that sometimes I can’t just imagine how good they are at making new things alive. O would like to see this robot on my own eyes (pretty impossible) but thanks for the photos, the Gundam looks great – much better than Megatron for example.

  14. q8science Says:

    It is a great project, can’t wait for the 2016 Olympics.

  15. snowcatsfilmreview Says:

    That is amazing, a really nice model, I hope it wasn’t a clip together one like the smaller models. :p

  16. Will Says:

    Excellent photos (are they yours) and an interesting read. I meant to get down to photograph the Gundam, but I’ve been overloaded with work and I’m out of Japan from next week for a couple of weeks, so unfortunately I will miss it.

    Your book on Love Hotels looks interesting. I once had to take some shots for an American magazine in an S&M love hotel near Azabu, no dount you’ve been there.



  17. Jim Timothy Says:

    Great Info, Very useful Thanks!

    • qjphotos Says:

      Sorry, but it’s gone now. They say they might put it up somewhere else, but there don’t seem to be any firm plans yet.

      • Som Says:

        Ah, that’s too bad. I wish there’s a chance to see it. I also plan to go to Shizuoka for Bandai Hobby Center, hopefully there will be Gundam-related stuff :)

  18. Som Says:

    That’s cool! I’m planning to go to Tokyo next year. Do you know how long the project will last? Will they keep the mobile suit until April 2010?


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