Right Winger Sound Truck

These right wingers were protesting in Ueno recently. When I first came to Japan, I was always really curious about what the signs on their vehicles said and what their speeches were about. Now I can read them, I’ve completely lost all curiosity, though. Here’s a translation:

People without a country. We vehemently oppose the immigration policy of accepting 10,000,000 immigrants. (Boukoku. 1000 man imin seisaku danko hantai)

Respect the war-dead-become-gods, who are our country’s foundation. (Wagakuni no ishizue to narareta eirei ni kansha o!)

Drive the China-loving diet members who are selling out the country out of office. (Bichuuha baikoku giin o seikai kara tsuihouseyo)


6 Responses to “Right Winger Sound Truck”

  1. Hans Says:

    And this is when they’re not burning down houses of journalists…

  2. tony Says:

    I think the Right Wingers need to be even more vocal now than ever before. I really love what they are doing!

  3. garry Says:

    i like your blog. thanks.

  4. Matthew 真秀 Says:

    I’ve heard these guys ranting away in Dotonburi in Osaka. I always wondered what they were saying. My Japanese friends always tell me, “I don’t know I don’t understand them either.” I just figured they were being polite… Now I know they were!

    Thanks for the translations! (saves me time with the ole’ Kanji Dict.)


  5. Peko Peko Says:

    I find these guys mildly amusing. It worries me to think what they would do if they had any real power in Japanese society.

    I think I agree with the part about the China lover sellouts in the Diet.

    Immigration to Japan is fine as long as the immigrants become culturally Japanese.

    • qjphotos Says:

      I think actually they do have a lot of power in Japanese society. They give a lot of money to political parties and are said to have a lot of influence over them, they have a lot of influence over the media (who often censor themselves for fear of angering right wingers – just look at the Wai Wai scandal a few years ago), and they are the ones causing problems with history textbooks.

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