Graffiti House on the “Tokyo Deep” blog

The Tokyo Deep Guide (Tokyo Deep Annai) is a Japanese blog whose mission is to introduce a side of Tokyo that you don’t read about in the tourist brochures. The blogger, Masayoshi Osaka, is an urban explorer who takes you to Korea Towns around Tokyo, goes on a stroll through the neighborhood where the Soka Gakkai headquarters is located,  visits Nakano Broadway or researches the backgrounds of various posters that are commonly seen around Tokyo.
The post that really caught my attention, though, was this report on a “graffiti house” in Ota Ward.
It’s called a “denpa jutaku” (literally ‘electric wave house’) in Japanese, and the blogger writes that “The term is used when the house’s owner  becomes captured by some obsession or compulsive idea and starts hanging a lot of notices covered with writing on the outer walls and area around his house, painting it in gaudy colors, or putting up multiple decorations threatening the neighbors, causing the house to look crazy.”
All photos courtesy of Tokyo Deep Annai.

He says, “It’s bizarre to look at. It’s covered in graffiti, and is covered in signs that look as if they’re to put up against some hateful activity, or are like a talisman.”

On the side of the house, there’s a message about “bakunage shonen,” which isn’t proper Japanese, but translates literally as “Bomb-throwing boys,” claiming that that their arson activities have been uncovered.

The owner seems deeply terrified of rock throwing children. The Japanese is rather incoherent, and rambles on about calling the police.

Apparently, the house still has graffiti on it, but has been toned down a little recently.

There is also an Osaka Deep Guide and a Japan Deep Guide.


4 Responses to “Graffiti House on the “Tokyo Deep” blog”

  1. lifeinpk Says:

    Ill bet he is breaking some laws there. And all the signs make it look like it an something you find in an arcade.
    5 points if you hit the small pink sign!!

  2. Rubbe Car rental Says:

    Japan is Grate culture nation… Interesting to look at there Grafiti

  3. dangerousmeredith Says:

    this poor poppet needs to take his medication

  4. Rie Matsui Says:

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