Nara Houses

Japan is well-known for its excellent public transportation system, but something I’ve been realizing recently is that if you want to see the really beautiful parts of the country, you need a car. Every time I head out into the Nara countryside, I’m amazed at how beautiful the old houses and countryside are. These houses are all in and around the city of Gojo.


5 Responses to “Nara Houses”

  1. Japan Australia Says:

    Some great pictures of the countryside there. You are so right about a car!! Living in the city is cool and you can get around fine on the train or a bike but you really do need a car to actually get out and explore the wonderful country of Japan.

  2. psteier Says:

    There are often bicycles for rent near stations in tourist centers like Nara. The local tourist office may be able to help.

  3. dangerousmeredith Says:

    These are beautiful images. When I lived in Japan I used to go to Nara on day trips, but I didn’t have a car so I was stricted to the city of Nara itself. I thought that had some beautiful buildings though

  4. davetiye Says:

    super houses and super pictures. thank you good job.

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