Otaku Photos

I found these on a Japanese blog called  V-blog, which is kind of a “best of 2channel” site. The original 2Channel thread the photos come from seems to be gone, though.



7 Responses to “Otaku Photos”

  1. AdelaideBen Says:

    LOL! That’s just sooooo wrong.

  2. Tornadoes28 Says:

    Those are some guys who really need a girlfriend, a real live girlfriend.

  3. hidemi Says:

    those are boys who can’t get real girlfriend


    un post interessante…….

  5. Sandra Says:

    wow what’s up with the guys in the park? It’s so publicly creepy!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    In my opinion, “Japanese Otaku” are not guys who want a real live girlfriend.
    They chase after “Virtual” girls, not “Real” girls!

    Why do I know this?
    It’s because I am Otaku too!

  7. roronoa369 Says:

    Hum So this was a real Otaku huh?,.. Nice Hehe

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