Odd Japanese Blogs – The QR Code Blog

Today’s blog is the third of five himajin blogs that I’m writing about this week. It’s called the QR Code Blog. In case you don’t know, QR codes are those black and white data squares that you often see on advertisements in Japan. You scan them with your cell phone and they will take you to a homepage with more information.
Anyway, this blogger is a real QR code zealot, so much so, in fact, that he’s decided to turn all of the text in his posts into QR codes that can only be read with a cell-phone.

A typical post:

I scanned it with this online QR Code reader and translated it into English:
“I found this QR Code on an exit guide in the Tokyo subway. It helps to get rid of worries about the great numbers of exits in subway stations in the Tokyo area. Each exit has a different QR Code, and if you access it with your mobile phone, you can get a map of the local area of information about shops.”

So far, we’ve seen the Tokyo Stairs Database and the Vending Machine Report. Tomorrow is the Pedestrian Overpass Blog and Friday is the Telekinesis Blog.


5 Responses to “Odd Japanese Blogs – The QR Code Blog”

  1. Tornadoes28 Says:

    Ok, I thought you could not find something more boring than the vending machine blog but I was wrong. What’s next? The Tooth Pick Blog?

  2. QR Code iPhone Says:

    I knew that sometime the QR Codes will revolucionate the world. And it seems they are. (=

  3. kobe Says:

    When QR codes first came out in Japan companies like DoCoMo had to teach the public how to use them

  4. butch Says:

    I am Butch. I don’t blog. I have feet. QR codes are scary. Eat more radishes.

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