G-Cans Water Tunnel

For years, people living by the Tonegawa, Arekawa, and Edogawa Rivers faced the threat of terrible floods during the typhoon season. Every few years, anywhere between a few dozen and tens of thousands of houses would be inundated with water, and as the Tokyo metropolitan area expanded, the problem was only growing worse.

In the early 1990s, someone came up with the idea of huge underground discharge tunnels for the rivers to prevent flooding. Construction started in 1993, and 13 years later, the G-Cans Water Discharge Tunnel was completed. It’s a really impressive structure, and and the facility is open to tourists. I visited this December and found it to be really impressive.

There are a bunch of videos here. The website and videos are in Japanese, but just click on “broadband” or “narrowband” to watch them.

Official Site (mainly in Japanese): http://www.ktr.mlit.go.jp/edogawa/project/g-cans/frame_index.html


3 Responses to “G-Cans Water Tunnel”

  1. Japan Australia Says:

    What an impresseive facility and very high tech as well. Looks like a great idea to help prevent flooding and could be used around the world.

  2. How to learn kanji Says:

    There is no other word to describe such work but impressive!!
    This reminds me of an article I read, which said that one of the main roadways in Japan was devastated after the earthquake, but was totally reconstructed after 6 days…

    Japan is a truly admirable country.

  3. davetiye Says:

    needed to be gotten in the example of Japan is a country of natural disasters

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