Industrial Wasteland 3

Kawasaki’s industrial zone has a strange, dystopian beauty.

The air stinks, it’s noisy, and the area’s not very pedestrian friendly, but it’s quite an interesting place to take photos in.

These photos were taken on the man-made island south of Kojima Shinden Station. See a satellite image here.


9 Responses to “Industrial Wasteland 3”

  1. Marie Says:

    Add rain and you’ve got Charleroi, my hometown in Belgium. I now know where to go when I feel homesick :D

  2. staff Says:

    Fantastic photos. Horribly beautiful.

  3. Mchan Says:

    Weirdly beautiful! It kinds of reminds me of Le musée Beaubourg in Paris ^^

  4. Wren Says:

    Wow. Interesting photos.

  5. John Todaro Says:

    Compelling series of photographs.

  6. sixmats Says:

    I am sure that this looks cool at night with the lights on.

  7. Paulo Says:

    すごい!!This is rather a tourist spot other than being an industrial stuff.. xD Very good in the eyes… so coooool! xD

  8. Visit beautiful Kawasaki! かわいい川崎に行こう | the tokyo files 東京ファイル Says:

    […] & notes:   > Picture of the Kawasaki industrial zone from “Quirky Japan Blog”: > General Kawasaki travel information:   > Note 1: […]

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